Hello, May

Hello, May.

Hello, flowers that April showers have promised us.

A little bit of floral sunshine.

Hello to a season of patience and waiting — kids are anticipating the end of school, families are anticipating family vacations, and we're all anticipating unbroken sunshine for days.

And me? In this season of anticipating what's to come, I'm trying to patiently await resolution. April had showers. Oh, so many showers. Showers that watered my soul to be certain. And showers that also drowned a dream.

And at the end of the day, a watered soul is so much more important than a drowned dream. Immeasurably more important. And something I've long asked for. I'm endlessly grateful for April.

So I'm reminding myself that May and June are my favorite months (due to the length of the days and temperatures that are warm, but not sweltering), and that the flowers will bloom.

California poppies never cease to captivate me.

California poppies never cease to captivate me.