I feel like this sidewalk graffiti symbolizes life’s complexity. Sure, there is clearly a bigger, bolder arrow, but it also appears as though it is crossed out (maybe). The arrow pointing left is much less bold and clear by comparison, but it definitely hasn’t been crossed out.

So which is it—was the thinner arrow made first, and because it pointed in the wrong direction, a fatter, more obvious arrow was made to guide the questioner? Or was the fatter, more obvious arrow made first, and—because it pointed in the wrong direction—crossed out in favor of a thinner arrow (its thinness perhaps due to all the ink being used up for the fatter arrow)?

I walk over this section of sidewalk every day on my way to and from work. So where do I think the answers are? Straight ahead about one block, at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Yum.