30-Day Rare Disease Journaling Challenge

Hi there! Something I’ve been contemplating for a while is a rare disease community journaling challenge that is all-inclusive—designed not only for those who have a rare disease, but also for parents, friends, caregivers, and supporters. This idea is inspired by the fact that while we all share a common experience, we don’t experience it the same way. I feel like I have a lot to learn from those who play other “roles” in this tight-knit community, and I can't wait to do so.

By sharing our journal pages with each other, we not only reap the cathartic rewards of a traditional journaling challenge (processing our own thoughts and feelings by getting them out on paper), but we also get the therapeutic benefits of learning others’ experiences and receiving feedback on our own. This sharing is of course optional; share one page from the challenge, share all thirty pages from the challenge, or share none at all and still use the challenge to process through your own thoughts in private.

This will be very casual. I’ll share a prompt here each day in November, along with a photo of my own journal page. If you’d like to, share yours on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #rarediseasejournalingchallenge. Make the post public so non-friends can find it, or choose to share only with friends or a certain group. It’s up to you!

Although I have a rare disease, prompts have been created with input from parents, friends, and caregivers, so hopefully they are fairly universal in their appeal. Have fun!