Hello, 2014

We said goodbye to an incredible year and are looking forward to whatever 2014 may hold.

As the sun sets on another year, what are you looking forward to in the one that is to come?
(Photo taken from Muir Beach in Marin County, California on January 1, 2014)
I'm not big on resolutions (who keeps them, anyway?) but I do love the feeling of starting anew and thinking about goals for the next year. None of my wish list items for 2014 are material; they are all adventures. Some are already booked and on the calendar (we are headed to Tanzania to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro in February!) and some are awaiting warmer weather (Mt. Elbert and Telluride's Krogerata, both in Colorado and therefore conceivable road trips, are pretty high up on my list).

But I am reminded, time and time again, that beauty is in my own backyard, too. Whether you live in California (like I do) or Wyoming or Turkmenistan or anywhere else on this incredible planet, you need only open your eyes to take in the loveliness of nature.

And along those lines, more than any peak that I'd like to bag in 2014, I'd like to achieve more loveliness within. As I strive to spread more love to those around me and in my different spheres (home, work, play), I hope that this blog can be a place of inspiration and encouragement for any who may stumble upon it.

Wishing you 365 days of love, laughter, and beautiful landscapes.  

From the Muir Beach Overlook