Grace, Undeserved

I don't typically write about my students. The place where their realm intersects mine is positively sacred to me. (Plus, I don't know if they could be reading this, though hopefully they don't know of this blog's existence.) So I'm going to be vague. It is enough to say that a student was offered undeserved grace today. I felt the burden of his guilt upon my own shoulders and suggested to someone else that he be relieved of it. Because he's 12. Because we all make mistakes. Because I believe in him one thousand percent. I don't know that I had any kind of impact on the decision, but grace was extended to him in the end.

I don't believe in karma; nor do I believe that good things happen to good people or that I am good and deserving. I don't typically get angry at the world when things don't go "my way." My way is often wrong, ignorant, and detrimental to others.

Today, though, someone also offered me grace, undeserved. I was given a freebie - an offer to take a day off with pay - to deal with the mountains of work I have so foolishly allowed to pile up.

I'm 31. I make mistakes. Someone has chosen to believe in me one thousand percent. And although I turned down the offer for a day away from the students - for, truly, they represent so much of what brings me joy - I'll never forget what it felt like to be given grace.